united in panels
Many good reasons speak for BRUCHA. For example, for 70 years we have been producing and selling high-quality insulation materials for industrial and commercial buildings as well as for agricultural halls and producing and assembling them for refrigerated rooms, clean rooms and high-bay warehouses. Today we see ourselves as a premium manufacturer and full-range supplier both in our supply business for BRUCHAPaneel panel and EPS and in special assembly construction.
About us

There is a simple reason why we are one of the few specialists today for panels as well as for cold room, industrial and agricultural hall construction: our employees. The enthusiasm for our work and the responsibility we take on, our appreciation above all for our customers and a handshake quality that creates trust - all these values drive us and at the same time reflect the soul of the BRUCHA brand.

BRUCHA Gesellschaft m.b.H.
A-3451 Michelhausen
+43 2275 5875
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